Central Michigan University

Rob Kennedy has been the Owner Representative on multiple CMU campus projects totaling 125 million dollars and over 400,000 sqft, the projects have included new buildings and phased renovations.

  • College of Medicine Saginaw
  • CMU Health Clinic Saginaw
  • College of Medicine Mount Pleasant
  • Ronan Hall Renovation Mount Pleasant
  • CMU Event Center Renovation and Additions
  • CMU Education and Human Services Building
  • CMU Brooks Hall Laboratory



Rob Kennedy has been the Owner Representative and in-house Construction Manager on multipleDelta College  construction projects. These projects included small and large renovations and additions totaling 70 million dollars and 600,000 sqft. of renovations and additions.

  • Science Learning and Technology Project
  • Cafeteria Renovation
  • Renovation 2 project
  • Corporate Services Administration and Lab Space
  • Lease Improvements U.S. Census & US. Post Office
  • Lease Improvements for Social Security
  • Renovation of Delta CollegeAcademic Offices, TV & Radio Department, Cafeteria, Bookstore and Auto Tech Building
  • Additions & Renovation of Delta College Farmhouse circa 1898 (Presidents House)